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final external evaluation of the "boosting the media sector for greater peace and stability in guine guinea bissau 07 Oct 2019 Sep 14 2019 11:16AM
equipamentos para casa de justica de gabu (furniture for house of justice in gabu) guinea bissau 11 Dec 2019 Dec 4 2019 11:24AM
gnb_003_rfp_audit for parci-bad financed project-undp guinea-bissau guinea bissau 31 Jul 2019 Jul 18 2019 11:46AM

Guinea Bissau ( Africa )

Guinea-Bissau is a country in Africa. The official language is Portuguese, and the capital is Bissau. About 1,442,000 people live in Guinea-Bissau as of 2006.4 The country was a Portuguese colony in t

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