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Description Country Bid Date Process Date
appointment of a panel of service providers to supply and deliver office stationery until 31st march south africa 07 Feb 2020 Jan 18 2020 11:21AM
supply of printed stationery and other assorted stationery on a three-year framework contract uganda 17 Feb 2020 Jan 16 2020 12:19PM
supply, packaging and distribution of ltsm, books and stationery for the kwa-zulu natal community ed south africa 18 Feb 2020 Jan 17 2020 4:08PM
the mpumalanga cet college intends to appoint a reputable service provider that will provide and del south africa 21 Feb 2020 Jan 25 2020 11:18AM
request for proposals for the supply and delivery of stationery for office use at dube tradeport cor south africa 23 Mar 2020 Mar 2 2020 4:08PM
printed stationery:application form for commercial connection rt-1 for quetta region, qty=500 setapp pakistan 07 Jan 2020 Dec 17 2019 4:48PM
supply and delivery of various mailing envelope and paper stationery with logo for 1st quarter of 20 philippines 16 Mar 2020 Mar 11 2020 1:25PM
printed stationery:mercury mini max corrector inspection card 260 gram each card, qty=25,000 nos.toc pakistan 13 Jan 2020 Dec 23 2019 2:32PM
tender notice for stationery etc pakistan 18 Feb 2020 Feb 11 2020 4:31PM
per-qualified suppliers and contractors 2019-2021cgm/gp/01/2019-2021 supply of stationery kenya 27 Mar 2021 Dec 10 2019 11:33AM
supply and delivery of office stationery under framework contract for a period of eighteen (18) mont uganda 20 Mar 2020 Feb 19 2020 5:40PM
tender notice for duplicating paper and office stationery, ptv hq islamabad pakistan 31 Dec 2019 Dec 11 2019 11:11AM
supply of office stationery civic centre offices swaziland 09 Mar 2020 Feb 11 2020 4:09PM
appointment of service providers for the supply and delivery of stationery for a period of twenty- f south africa 29 Jan 2020 Dec 5 2019 11:10AM
supply and delivery of general stationery for umgeni water stores for a period of five years south africa 05 Mar 2020 Jan 31 2020 10:42AM
tender no.cgk/f & ep/s/2019-2020-2020:2022/004 supply and delivery of office stationery, tonner kenya 12 Feb 2021 Nov 11 2019 4:05PM
printed stationery file cover white with ssgc monogram(350gram card paper (size 13-3/4 x 21-1/2 ) wi pakistan 14 Apr 2020 Mar 19 2020 11:38AM
reproduction of the csc stationery (white and green) for replenishment of stocsk for the first and s philippines 23 Jan 2020 Jan 15 2020 1:35PM
appointment of a panel of service providers for supply and delivery of stationery and related items south africa 03 Mar 2020 Feb 10 2020 4:00PM
supply and delivery of hospital folders to the stationery stores at groote schuur hospital and red c south africa 24 Jan 2020 Nov 26 2019 11:09AM

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